Players who must go over to the MLS

The world of football, there’s a transfer rumour on top of a transfer rumour wrapped in a transfer rumour. And most of them are wrong, but it’s always fun to think about what players should go where. Major League Soccer is growing, and while we’ve seen some very good players come over, we need more. So here’s many names of players who must come over, and not all of them are ready to retire by Stephen Brandt.

Wayne Rooney – Manchester United

He’s not in any need of a move, since he’s already a legend at Manchester. However, he’s been there so long and won so much, it could be a good reason for him to leave. Manchester United is massive over here in the States. However, you can’t stick him in DC, Colorado, or Canada, he has to play for the La Galaxy. How would that work? In two years Robbie Keane, and Steven Gerrard’s contracts will be up, time to slot in Wayne. He’d tear up the league.

Julian Green – Bayern Munich

First surprise of the list. He’s stalled in Germany, and needs to find a place to grow. Bayern isn’t dumb enough to let him go completely, they’ll send him on loan to a club that will have a good chance on helping him grow. I’d love to see him here on a loan at a club that has a manager who is great at helping players grow. A move to FC Dallas, or New England Revolution would help him immensely.

Lionel Messi – Barcelona

Eventually he’ll leave Barca, if it’s to retire, or just get sick of all the winning. Ok, no one gets sick of the winning, but at a certain point he’ll be tapped out in Spain of the chance to grow his brand. Messi will fit perfectly over in the States, and would be bigger than Becks when he showed up here. Barcelona like Manchester United is massively followed over here, and they have summer camps in many cities. One such city is Miami, and with the outside chance that Becks gets Miami Vice Machine going, Messi would be a heck of a first singing.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Paris Saint-Germain

He’s already said he wants to play over here, but how much of that is his very fun personality? Either way, New York Red Bulls would do no wrong in bringing in him to the media capital of the States. He’s a big forward, and would score goals for fun. And would be the best thing to happen to this league ever. Zlatan would be old by the time he gets over here, and might not last long but the brief time we would get to see him would be spectacular.

Gideon Zalelem – Arsenal

Wait, isn’t he the next Julian Green? Of course, but he’s produced more than Julian at the national level, and looks like he could be a heck of a player really soon. So why would he be loaned to MLS? Well one reason Arsenal has a link, albeit never used, to the Colorado Rapids. That and he acually should go somewhere else in MLS, like Real Salt Lake or Seattle. Both clubs have been known for turning out great talent, and will continue to. Give Zalelem a chance at first team during the run up to the second half of next season with great coaching and Arsenal will have another good young midfielder to sit their bench.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

He’s got Los Angeles written all over him, and with the chance that the Galaxy might have two DP slots open and LAFC  starting up in two years, they have to strike while the iron is hot. Cristiano is another one of those players who’d set the league completely on fire, but would stay for a long time.

Javier Hernandez – Manchester United

Another very young player who has stalled in his development and hasn’t gotten the time at his clubs that is needed. Well bring him over, and he’d do well among the Mexican fans here in the states. He’d be great for LAFC when they start up, but in a couple years Atlanta is coming in, and it would be perfect to put him there to make him the focal point of their club.

Not all of these players will come over, and not all of them will do well here in the States. Some DP’s have struggled because they viewed the league as being easy, and a vacation. Chances are as the league gets better more players will still view it as a vacation and easy, to then fail. Eventually, the players will realize that the league is a hard one to play in. You’ve noticed I’ve not touched the Prilo to the MLS rumor that is always around, because at this point, I’m sick of it. At some point he will make a choice, and if it’s to stay in Europe, than that’s cool.


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