Being a Liverpool supporter isn’t always fun

Being a Liverpool supporter isn’t always fun. Try being a supporter of a club that a vast majority of the supporters don’t remember or weren’t born during, and have to put up with those mouthy supporters from clubs that weren’t good until they got oil money. I’m looking at you Chelsea and Manchester City. There isn’t any day that is comfortable for a Liverpool fan to be on social networking or message boards anymore. We all want to yell, we all want to tell people that we know more than our favorite club does. It’s almost like it’s hip to be negative, or because we all have won a medal on football manager, we’re suddenly the next Bill Shankly.

Can’t we all just get along?

Seriously, the sport gives back so much, and provides us with so much happiness that we have to be so mean online?  Keyboard warriors have ruined the online expirence for people. And the online warriors have taken it to the skies, though the Rogers out stunt was a bunch of Manchester people. There’s so much negativity and hatred in the terraces, and different media outlets for the club.

It’s understandable that a year after leaving the title on the field, having Dracula leave for La Liga, and not replacing him. But are we all really that much smarter than the management on the club? Having a bad month, or a striker out is common place for most clubs. In fact, both Rafa and Kenny had those problems, but because Brendan isn’t a boot room guy, or Spanish, he’s not good enough? Or is it because American’s own the club, and saved the club from administration? It’s all bias, because we now can argue and complain online no matter what.

Everyone is an expert, everyone wants to have their opinion heard, that it’s not fun to watch the sport with anyone anymore. We are in a culture of being negative or  reactionary. It’s not as much of people having an opinion anymore, it’s you have  to be the first to say something is bad or wrong. Why can’t we just be happy  and not vent our problems? It’s alright to be mad that your team, player, or manager isn’t doing well  but to flame the  masses because you need your opinion heard, is just laughable.

What’s the way around this? It’s what most people are doing, staying away from Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy the sport with people who are fun to talk to, and aren’t overally negative. It’s one way to cut the anger out. of watching the sport. You can sit back and enjoy the game, and form your own opinions. The critical masses if I could call them that, are here to take selfies of their thoughts, and instill their opinions on you. Yes, I see the irony in all of this.


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