The media’s obsession of Manchester United

This is a call to the media in both sides of the rain drop, the United Kingdom and the American football journo’s. When people begin to figure out that not everyone who follow the sport are Manchester United fans, they’ll realize the sport is very fun, and doesn’t need to constant updates of a specific team writes Stephen Brandt.

As a reference here, this author has worked in all forms of media, so he does realize that you have to fill time. That doesn’t excuse focusing on one team. It’s been years since Manchester United was the only English team we would see. This probably was what the media would be like in the 1980’s Liverpool teams had the sport exploded world wide. I suffer in my life from having three great friends who are United fans.

It’s understandable that the media has to cover all the top teams, because there are fans all around the world of every team. In Buffalo there’s even Bolton fans, and he’s a great graphic desinger. So the media are half right, but the constant pounding of Manchester United, their transfers, their losses, is getting on probably not only this author’s mind, but many other people. Between podcasts, and radio shows, the past month and half everyday some can only hear about Manchester United.

The point of media is to inform the masses on all the important topics in the world. Unfortunately Watergate made the media more reactionary so they have to find topics to make people talk. Soccer media likes to believe that we all care about Manchester, and we need to be hit with the fact that CR7, trying to sign him again. Folks not all of us care.

In fact the editor of this great site is a Newcastle United fan, and they should be talked about some more (Editor Note: We make enough (bad) publicity!!!). The magic of the internet now is you can find outlets for your teams, the problem is the main media doesn’t get the point, we need everyone talked about.


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