FIFA & UEFA do not care about concussions

After the World Cup, the cry from the footballing world was that the governing body has to do something about the concussions in the sport. Unfortunately, like the NFL, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. If you want to see how soccer is adapting to this, or for a lack of a better reason, nothing at all, look up the case of former WBA player Jeff Astle, who died of a brain condition which boxers get. And how has the English FA responded to her Appeal? It hasn’t. Typical.

Here in the States, concussions took the career away from one of our top scores, in former USMNT player Taylor Twellman. He was a great scorer for the New England Revolution then concussions ended his career. He would be just finishing his career with the US National team, but now is a strong advocate for concussion protocalls, research, and awarness. He’s been very vocal during the years since he’s retirement that these sports, have to take proper percautions with their player safety. Well, what has been done?

Fat lot of nothing, because the main reason why the governing bodies are more worried about the bottom line than the players. You can make more fans, more players, and always over charge people for anything around the sport. The policy makers, and enforcers only care about themselves, and their member clubs stature. Take for instance if Luis Suarez, Count Dracula, had been a player in a lower league club and bitten someone at World Cup, he wouldn’t have gotten off.

They want to clean up the game in their own terms, but want you to tell them how well they are doing. Basically, they are the spoiled rotten people of the whole lot, don’t show them anything wrong, don’t challenge them, only tell them what they want to hear. Concussions legislation needs to be brought into the sport. You need two things to happen, first take the extra 30 seconds to diagnose the symptoms, and secondly a player coming off with a concussion, can be replaced without it counting against the subs limit.

The naysayers would say, that we can’t take an extra thirty seconds away from the play on the field. Of course you can, players fall down all the time, and lay on the pitch to waste time. Managers also tell their players to stall. It’s part of the sport, we can deal with it. Secondly, the subs who don’t count, would be a tactic advantage. The game has many tactic advantages, just add another one.

I’m scared for the future of the sport, too many players going out on concussions can’t bode well for the future. We need to get ahead of this problem. While you won’t get all of the concussions out of the sport, and there will be some mistakes, you can make a dent in all of it.


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