WORLD CUP: Belgium is Returned to Sender


Messi’s Argentina didn’t have to wait until the final minute for the great one to win the game. Instead in the first eight minutes of the match Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuain put a ball past Thibault Courtois to win the game so early in the match.


Seems like everytime Argentina is really good, they have a player who plays for Napoli. (Maradona played there when he had the Hand of God). Gonzalo took a deflected pass from Real Madrid’s Angel Di Maria, to knock it past the goalkeeper. Di Maria wouldn’t last much longer in the match, as he came up with an injury shortly after the match winner.

There was some moments in the match that Belgium showed their talent, albeit very young, making it hard for any defense. Belgium took out this author’s home team in the USA, and Belgium showed once again that they have all the skill that the pundits are saying they have, but lack the team building skill that they need to display. How it transmitts from the training field to the playing field, has been their stumbling block.  They are so talented that, they can sneak a couple past you if they play Romelu Lukaku from the start, and not the young player Divock Orgi. Not that Orgi is bad, he’s being scouted for a spot on Liverpool, he’s not as impactful of a player as Lukaku.

Messi just scares defenders again, he had a breakway late in the second half, only having to beat Courtois, which very few people can, including Messi. Later in the same half Higuain had the chance to put it out of range for any attempt for Belgium coming back, but clanged it off of the crossbar. Mark Willmonts, seemed to miss on the tactics for the game, you may not be able to mark Messi, but with the flock scoring areas with De Bruyne,  Lukuaku, and even Maartens. Willmonts has a potentially great squad, but needs more time with them.

So Argentina is through to the semi’s for the first time since 90, with Maradona in the side. They’ll play either a Red Hot Costa Rica team, or a surprising Dutch team. Either way the next match will be an outstanding display of football.


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