Let’s all be Hip and Hate the Cosmos

For most American’s, we don’t have a team here in the States. Sure we have the MLS, and that’s in it’s 19th year. That’s all well and good, but it seems like nation wide, that we all must hate the New York Cosmos of the new, and well, old NASL. Maybe that’s all of our fans who are in their 40’s who never got to play because the old NASL fell apart. That’s probably the main reason.

There’s also a major of the fans of the sport who are in it for the fashion culture. Anything that has a badge or the team name is worn out bought. And this is a majority of the fanbase in the States, and with the Cosmos, since their early reincarnation was as a clothing company apparently.  Heck, every couple of months they’d release another line of clothing with another color. It was to the point that some podcasters would joke what the next line would be called.

So there’s all that, and add to the thought that when they made their debut, they didn’t play the full season in the NASL. They played the fall season, because in the NASL’s infinite wisdom, they play a spring and fall season. They parachuted into the Soccer Bowl, and won it on their first attempt, this all made a majority of the people feeling uneasy about all of this.

So there it is, if you have to be cool in the soccer you have to hate the Cosmos, but think of it this way, we are talking about a second division club that will in all likely hood never play in the top league. No folks I’m not getting into the Promotion/Relegation fight that has been raging in the United States for years here. If you want to have a nasty headache, just look up Tinfoil Ted, and it will be something you’ll hate me for it. I apologize.

At the end the end of the day, we all want to be cool when it comes to living life, and haven’t we all figured it out by now soccer is life. Oh and being an American, one has to admit that whole debate of soccer v football debate as being part of the cool culture. So part of being the emerging supporters culture in the states is to hate on the Cosmos, because after all DC United doesn’t have the history (but they have the cups) of ruining the game in the minds of the fans. So if you are looking to become a hipster fan, hate the Cosmos and support the Tampa Bay Rowdies. This article is brought to you by a Cosmos who is fed up with the hate.



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