Moyes’ problems at Manchester United

Ever since things started to go wrong for David Moyes at United there has been numerous discussions all trying to depict the main issues of why this season has been so dreadful for him writes Jake Sanders.

The first and maybe most significant is the fact that there has been a severe lack of creativity when going forward. United’s difficulties became clear to them before the season started when they made a number of attempts to try and bring Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas and Atletic Bilbao’s Ander Herrera to Old Trafford, showing huge signs of desperation, both efforts ended in disappointment. The season got underway and despite the 4-1 win away at Swansea on the opening day, Moyes was soon going to find himself in a world of suffer not having signed an attacking midfielder.

Following on from Swansea a 0-0 draw at home to Chelsea and a 1-0 defeat away at Liverpool piled the pressure on Moyes and the lack of goals and attacking play was now becoming obvious. Another key issue is the fact that United were also short for numbers in the defensive department. They have gone behind 16 times in Moyes 41 games in charge, 11 of those ended up being defeats. Continuing on from this Evra, Vidic and Ferdinand all over the age of 31 have played 72 games combined, which has shown with the total goals they’ve conceded, 31 in 27 games with these three in particular hardly being able to be rested. As well as this they have had players playing out of position, for example Jones and Smalling both being preferred as centre backs, have both had to play at right back with jones even playing in a central midfield position. This problem hasn’t been help by the amount of injures but Moyes could have helped this by bringing in a couple extra squad players in the summer transfer window and then again in January.  Possibly the biggest explanations to David Moyes problems this season have been due to Rooney and Van Persie’s absence of time on the pitch together. Merging Champions League and Premier League together 34 games have been played, these two have only started 13 of them together.  This has undoubtedly been a key downfall because in Van Persie’s first season as the link up play was noticeable as they fashioned plenty of goals and assists for each other as well as others. Despite Moyes making numerous errors this season, this is one that isn’t his responsibility and he can do nothing about as you cannot avoid players getting injured. Another feature that has brought up more than a few times is the amount of reckons that have been broken since Moyes has been in control.

These are seven records that have been selected and spoken about countless times:

  • First loss at home to West Brom since 1978
  • First loss at home to Newcastle since 1972
  • First loss at home to Everton since 1992
  • First loss at home to swansea ever
  • First defeat to Stoke since 1984
  • Three losses in a row since 2001
  • First ever loss to a Greek Club

Even though these records are insignificant and shouldn’t have really been spoken about the way this season has gone so catastrophically it’s just added insult to injury and does not help Moyes out when he keeps breaking these types of records. Moyes then hit a brick wall after the home game against Fulham, not only did they concede a 95th minute equaliser to be denied of a win. But they succeeded in making a total of 81 crosses during the 90 minutes a new premier league record which left Moyes facing an avalanche of blame over his single-minded tactics.

If a solitary figure sums up David Moyes catastrophic season it is the one that occurred during the 2-0 Champions League embarrassment in Athens. As United struggled through one of their poorest displays for many a time in the Champions League defeat to Olympiakos,’ Robin van Persie passed the ball to Wayne Rooney just once during the entire 90 minutes. This dreadful stat came after they had conceded the first goal, vice versa Rooney gave the ball to his strike partner four times, a total of five passes made between the clubs two most significant players a real concern for Moyes.