ENGLAND: The expectations of David Moyes


With a somewhat expected FA Community Shield win over Wigan Athletic and a 4-1 thumping of Swansea City on the opening day, after a somewhat boring but telling nil all draw versus Chelsea, David Moyes seems to have silenced quite a few critics and fans, who are especially fed up with how he has so far handled the transfer window with Manchester United.

United fans growing more concerned about the seemingly lack of quality they have in a few positions, notably in the midfield where they lack a real world class ball playing central midfielder and David Moyes’ pursuit of unrealistic targets such as Cesc Fabregas and Claudio Marchisio have left a sour taste in the mouths of United fans. Such approaches have made him seem like an amateur in their eyes when it comes to transfer dealings at this level and maybe he needs some help, but the perspective I take on this is, why not?

If Manchester United see themselves as an elite club, then targets like those, should without a doubt, be within touching distance and of course we understand circumstances may prevent some of these transfers but David Moyes as does the rest of the Manchester United hierarchy see the club at a level where the players coming in should either be the world’s best or at least improve the squad significantly, and if those targets aren’t met, the club is good enough to push on.

Putting faith in the players available is vital for any manager that is eyeing a long-term future at any club; it is a key component in ensuring stability within the club. Coming in and immediately making changes can disrupt what has already been laid, and the new manager not only needs to establish the trust between himself and the players but he also needs to see how well they can work within the tactical systems he sees as ideal. While looking to integrate some youth players Moyes has done that, trusting the players he has, by consistently playing them and not letting them feel threatened by the name being mentioned by himself or the media. This goes a long way it maintaining the team’s confidence allowing them to play to the best of their abilities. While some fans might not view the club amongst the European elite, clearly the squad itself and those who run the club are comfortable with what they have and as was stated will only look to add players who significantly improve the team.

Moyes, at the end of the day, has to know how this team plays together under him and his tactics, before buying players. There is no point in adding what is not needed. There is also the fact that fans should not be so quick to set the highest expectations of him, because he needs to see for himself what part of the squad needs improvement and if that means taking them through an entire season as they are, then he should be allowed to do so. Title rivals to Manchester United have made major changes managerially and have added new players but it should not be forgotten that United are the defending champions and did not win the title by having the best players, but by working together as a team and earning their results. For Manchester United, winning runs deeper than just having the best, it is simply a philosophy, being the best is their mindset, so regardless of additions made by rivals, this mindset is what has driven the team over the years and it will continue to do so. Despite not having the best team in the league on paper and we can all see where the squad needs strengthening, Manchester United is still better than roughly 75-85 percent of the teams in the league which guarantees them a top 3 finish, but as we all know, football is dynamic and anything can happen, which is the same reason why United fans should not fret about Moyes or transfer and focus on supporting the title holders.

Sean Drummond

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